Phew – back to full

That was weird. After I published the post about the Custard Factory it showed up in my RSS feed with a lot of strange characters in it. After a bit of fiddling I’d got rid of the characters but in the process my RSS feed got truncated. As any savvy internet type will tell you, sending out a short feed is bad etiquette (it did however boost my visitors by 8 times more than usual).

After some fiddling and weeding out of the said strange characters I’m now back on the full RSS feed.

Apologies if my messing about spammed your feedreader with repeat posts.


Wow – I can do techie stuff

Lots to sort here (design still at default – sorry) but having spent forever tonight trying to add an extra wordpress install to a sub-domain (I got there in the end with expert advice via Twitter) I’m now off to bed.

Things I plan to use this blog for include pulling in feeds from other places I blog (list to follow) and to rattle on about other interests such as growing veg and running.