Phew – back to full

That was weird. After I published the post about the Custard Factory it showed up in my RSS feed with a lot of strange characters in it. After a bit of fiddling I’d got rid of the characters but in the process my RSS feed got truncated. As any savvy internet type will tell you, sending out a short feed is bad etiquette (it did however boost my visitors by 8 times more than usual).

After some fiddling and weeding out of the said strange characters I’m now back on the full RSS feed.

Apologies if my messing about spammed your feedreader with repeat posts.


Staying on topic

I’ve been feeling guilty about those of you who subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog. You may be reading this because you find I’ve got something useful to say about the Creative Industries. In fact the amount of subscribers went up a notch after I discussed 4ip which is great but now you poor souls get everything I write sent to your RSS reader – even the pictures of giant courgettes

So now I’ve created a feed that only contains items from the Creative Industries category. The link is over in the sidebar on the right hand side. If you find it useful then please add it to your reader. If you still want to read everything I write then carry on using the main feed. Of course you may hate that creative crap and just love the stuff about running and gardening. Well I haven’t listed it on the sidebar but there’s even one for you as well. Any more niche than that then you can go do what I did and create your own feed.

If you haven’t got a clue what on earth I’m on about then you need to learn how to use RSS feeds – they’ll change the way you use the web. Go read Andrew Dubber’s straightforward guide to RSS.