“Twatted, which is the past tense of tweet”

Obviously this clip of Stewart Lee is well-watched by now but I put it here for three reasons.

The main one is that I’m curious with BBC embedded videos how long they stay online. I know that sounds a bit doubtful but I instinctively feel that a Youtube embed would always be there (or at least would be there up until the point a copyright owner noticed an infringement and took it down) but the BBC ones I feel might disappear at any moment given how some stuff seems to come and go on iPlayer. So I’ll check back now and again to see if it’s still around. Better than leaving it open in a browser window as it has been for about a month now.

[note – the BBC changed where they put it on their site and altered the embed code so I had to update this page in March 2016. I think it had been bust for a while before that]

Secondly, it starts with a terrific observation about Facebook user stats.

Thirdly, if you haven’t seen it then it’s funny, as is Stewart Lee. I saw him in Edinburgh last year while he was rehearsing the material for the series this is from and I laughed lots.

One thought on ““Twatted, which is the past tense of tweet”

  1. This is an amazing comedy sketch, and makes me LOL and cringe at the same time, still funny the 10th time, and some very spot on observations about how social media can sometimes completely miss the point of a creative, media endeavour.

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