This blog is one

This blog is one today. I started a year ago in order to consolidate some of the writing I was doing in various places around the ‘net. Suffice to say that’s happened. Or rather, I’ve ignored the other spaces and just write here instead.

My stats indicate I’m updating this space regularly enough (176 posts = twice a week) and getting a modest amount of comments (408 in total, about two per post). I have no idea what a good measure is for traffic but feedburner tells me I have about 100 subscribers to my RSS feed and 20 people subscribe via email. I was averaging about 30 unique visitors a day although lately (and especially since Sunday’s London Marathon) that’s jumped to circa 150-200 visitors a day all looking for information on this year’s Birmingham half-marathon. You’re all very welcome, do take a look around.

The top five posts that best represent what I hope this blog is about are below:

My Long Lost Family
On finding a whole new branch of my family. A podcast I made that I still struggle to listen to this without welling up. Some great Irish accents here.

Social Media’s Hidden Legacy
On Birmingham’s social media scene and what it says about the city.

Getting Birmingham Businesses Online
On what I do for work and how I’m trying to think it through.

Allotment Year One
On the stuff we grow in our allotment patch

Tour of Bournville
A series of posts on running with my clubmates at Bournville Harriers.

Thanks for all your contributions over the past year – Birmingham is a good place to be blogging in and about; a really strong sense of community. Hope you’ll stick with it as I enter year two.

(pic monroe’s dragonfly)