Social Media in the Public Sector

Here’s a podcast I put together from a conference I chaired today called ‘Social Media in the Public Sector‘. The students on the MA Social Media degree I lead had been doing podcasts last week (ably taught by Caroline Beavon) so I thought I best join in the fun.

The conference was very much of a traditional format, it’s almost as if the unconference approach taken by the localgovcamp movement is happening in a parallel universe. The speakers were good and on the 17 minute recording below I speak to (in order):

  • Jane Postlethwaite, Social Media Officer, Brighton and Hove City CouncilAlex – NHS London
  • Paul Melhuish, Digital News Editor, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
  • Alex Talbott, Communications Officer, NHS London
  • Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communications, Greater Manchester Police
  • Professor Vlatka Hlupic, Professor of Business and Management, Westminster Business School
  • I then speak to a few audience members, two from the UK Border Agency and two from local councils in the south of England.

Hope you find it useful. I always find it interesting to listen to how people are using social media within the workplace.


Copy also on Soundcloud:

2 thoughts on “Social Media in the Public Sector

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  2. Very interesting how the UK Border Agency representatives were talking about being proactive on social media platforms. They are getting so much negative feedback on Twitter for example and are not engaging in any way. Is silence really a reputation management strategy?

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