This year’s marathon

This year I’m running the Edinburgh Marathon on May 31st as I didn’t get into London. I’ve been training for a good few weeks now but it’s been a little on and off as I hadn’t done that essential thing in my training regime – start a spreadsheet. It’s only the spreadsheet that usually guilts me into keeping the mileage up. So with 12 weeks to go and at the end of my first fairly full-on week I’ve started one.

This morning I had a lovely run all the way from Bournville up to spaghetti junction and back again on the Rea Valley route and then the canals. At 16 miles it’s my longest run to date – more to come though.

I just need to also write down that if I don’t do under 3 hours (best so far 3 hrs 1 min in London 2008) at Edinburgh I will have to do a second marathon later in the year (probably Dublin) in order to have a second bash at the time. Sub 3 hours is one of my 2009 goals, as is being less of an idiot. At least one of these is achievable.

Pic by Gary Henderson

One thought on “This year’s marathon

  1. Hi Dave

    Good idea to do the Edinburgh Marathon. I ran it in 2007, my one and only marathon, and it’s a great course and well supported by the locals. A lot of the route is along the coast and if there’s a storm at sea (as there was in 2007) quick times are’nt possible.

    Anyway, i’m up t’north now living in West Yorkshire so have taken up fell running – seemed like the most natural thing to do and a sport for ‘real’ men! Will be flogging myself over the Three Peaks mountain marathon in the Dales in 2 weeks, so will let you know how it goes and will compare and contrast with Edinburgh.

    Good luck with the training.


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