Edinburgh Marathon 2009 – race review

Well at least I was smiling by the end of the 2009 Edinburgh Marathon. But then I did have a beer in my hand and unlike many of the runners I passed in the last couple of miles I was still walking unaided and without the need for additional oxygen.

This was a race of two halves for me, a quick first one and a much slower, way more painful second one. By the time I’d done a 1hr 27min first half it was getting hot. That’s always going to be a potential issue with a marathon this late in the year but hey, this was Scotland, I didn’t realise they had temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Even on the start line at 9am it felt warm. The first few miles are shaded so it wasn’t until we hit the coast that it was obvious the sea breeze would be slight at best.

So great, a quick first half and then immediate tiredness. Miles 13-19 were really tough going and I struggled to maintain a sub 7 minute/mile pace. Any hope of the target I’d set myself, a sub 3 hour marathon, was ebbing away and I realised that to cope with the heat and not end up a wreck I needed to slow down. In fact at three separate points I walked for a short distance to compose myself. It worked as I felt fine for the last couple of miles and even managed a sprint finish on the home straight as I noticed the clock nearing 3hrs 10 minutes.

In reflection I ran a bad marathon. If I eased up in the first half I might well have been nearer the 3 hour mark. But I was heartened at the end by the knowledge that I now run ‘bad’ marathons in under 3hrs 10mins – not bad I think. Plus the crowds at the end were great (I was virtually alone down the finish straight and got huge cheers) and then I spotted some ladies serving beer – how could I refuse.

Many thanks to all who sent messages of support on Twitter and donated to the charity I was supporting. Unfortunately those finishing later in the race had a rough time with some of the water stations running out. That aside (and I realise that’s a big thing to put aside) I thought this a well-organised race in a great city. Great to see so many Bournville Harriers there as well – thanks for the company at dinner the night before.

David Harte (Male 40) (301) 228th 03:09:47

Split times:
10k: 00:39:21
Half: 01:26:47
30k: 02:06:35
Marathon: 03:09:47

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Marathon 2009 – race review

  1. The ability to be mildly disappointed wirth 3hrs 9mins is a huge achievement!

    The fastest real person I have ever met did a best of 2hrm 45min in perfect conditions and with perfect tactics. I reckon your time in the prevailing conditions gets pretty close to that as an achievement.

    Damn, and repeating a Twitter message I think, the last time I did 26 miles it took me longer than that and I was on a bike!

    Congratulations Dave. A race well run. It is all the better for the fact that you’ve hit your fund-raising target again.

    I don’t run, can’t really due to back trouble but I walk. Really really walk. 40+ miles a week on average. And, much like running I think, I credit much of my current contentment to my regular walks. Nothing like fresh air to clear your head.

  2. nice work Dave, I was easily on for sub 3.30 at 20 miles (please note, I am a fat front row forward!!), 21 to 23 mls I suffered then got back on track, finished in 3.37, my 2nd best marathon time so was pretty pleased with my days work……it was hot though!! rgds Andy

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