Dave Harte – winner!


I won a prize for running. My first ever prize for running. In fact my first ever prize for anything athletic ever. Or for anything at all now I think about it. It turns out I won the top prize for my age category (40-45) at the Ironbridge Half Marathon the other week. I went straight home after the race, not even thinking to stop to see if I’d won anything. So the above cheque and explanatory scrap of paper that arrived in the post today were most welcome.

I was actually third in my age category but the other two were in the top five in the race overall so got separate prizes for that leaving me to scoop £30 as the next fastest vet 40 male. The prize list is here (PDF).

This is so exciting I came close to breaking my twitter fast. I plan to spend my winning on more lucky running pants.

6 thoughts on “Dave Harte – winner!

  1. Hi Dave
    Well done on the race! Well done on the Twitter fast also. I think My partner spoke to you via email about possibly having some of your allotment. Shes been rather ill, thus not calling you last weekend, but if your around this weekend maybe if the offers still open we could still take a look around.


  2. Congratulations, Dave. Blind Dave has competition in the West Midland Dave’s who run category.

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