Almost there – Birmingham Half Marathon 2009

It’s almost here. This year’s Birmingham Half Marathon has over 12,000 entrants and one Paula Radcliffe. The numbers have been sent out (well mine has anyway) and letters have gone to residents along the route telling them to shift their cars the night before the race. They’re even re-tarmacing the race route within Cannon Hill Park.

My training has been a bit lacklustre. If you follow my updates on twitter then you’ll have noticed that I’ve done about 3 or 4 runs a week with a recent tail-off due to a recurring hip injury that for once buying a new expensive pair of trainers didn’t cure – it usually does, honest. It’s not bad enough to pull out of the race (lots of ibuprofen gel will help) but it means that I’m not able to push my training just ahead of having to taper.

They haven’t sent out a race guide this year in an effort to be a bit greener presumably. You can download it (PDF link) and it gives you all the details you need about baggage arrangements and start times for the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships.

Paula and the rest of the women start at 9am so they’ll be close to finishing by the time the rest of us start at 10am. As I said to my family, if they want to see Paula they’ll have to be loitering around Maryvale road in Bournville at about 9.30am. They’ll then have plenty of time to pop home, get a cup of tea, some toast, watch some telly, before I appear at the same point about 10.40am. They should actually hang around for the elite men at about 10am as that line-up is impressive.

The race is again billed as the ‘Race Against Climate Change’. Shame then that the public transport arrangements for runners seem ill thought through. There are no early local trains on the Sunday and I can’t see evidence of extra buses being laid on. In fact, where I live all the buses will presumably be diverted due to closures on the race route. The race information that goes out for the London Marathon makes it clear that taking the car is pointless and then lists all the train times to get you to the start from various points of the capital. If the race grows in numbers again then we’ll really have to address this issue. If you do go by car then there’s a document about car park closures (PDF).

If you are travelling by public transport here are some useful links:

Best of luck to all the runners.

4 thoughts on “Almost there – Birmingham Half Marathon 2009

  1. Thanks for the links – it is a shame, I remember the chaos last year too when we couldn’t get to the start at all and had to leg it up the road! Good luck for the run and hope the leg holds out OK.

  2. love the way it appears to finish next to the Birmingham Chest Clinic ! after your heaving lungs have sucked in all those fumes – lovely. What time will you be ascending Hill St in city centre (aprox) ?

  3. love the way it appears to finish next to the Birmingham Chest Clinic ! after your heaving lungs have sucked in all those fumes – lovely.

  4. Dave, similar injury issues since the Edinburgh marathon, achilles playing up but will be on the start line on Sunday, absolutely agree with your transport comments, absolute joke (& I attempted to tell them so, spent 10 mins composing a suitable email whach rejected when I hit the send button!!!!), a year ago I did the Lausanne half (marathon year before), as the half starts from the marathon half way point back, free trains were laid on for all runners etc, to much ta ask I guess!

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