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Led by Lucy at the Smallest Smallholding a group of allotment/small-holding bloggers have got together to create a Youtube channel about our attempts to live off the land to various degrees (in my case living off the land amounts to eating lots of rhubarb and new potatoes). I’m one of them despite or maybe because of my newcomer status. The channel will take a while to get populated but I’ve done my ‘intro’ video which is on my own channel and then play-listed on the Daily Good Life.

BTW – this is my first attempt at home-movie making. The camera was a present for my 40th birthday at the weekend. It’s a Canon MD235 – I’m sticking with DV tape for the meantime, great quality for under £200 vs paying £500+ for same quality as a hard disk cam. 

5 thoughts on “The Daily Good Life

  1. Dear Dave

    I have a concrete yard but I am inspired by your small is beautiful eco-logic. Are there any good vegetables to grow in concrete? You must excuse my ignorance of such matters as I live in the inner-city and normally get my food from Planet Pizza.

    To spice up the camerawork why not try running across the neighbours vegetables and waving your DV cam about randomly. It worked in Cloverfield.


  2. We have some Jerusalem Artichoke (like a spud but makes you fart a lot) that seems to be growing anywhere – I doubt concrete would present it with too much of a challenge.

    I am thinking of doing some filming of other people’s plots. Especially of the one nearby that grows various fruit and then distils it into hard liquor in the shed at the back of his plot. Or at least into really bad wine – I’ve yet to taste it. He does have some lovely plums though.


  3. I’m impressed Dave. When are you going to start to give tips about how you are growing your veg? And how about that recipe for rhubarb cake? yummy!

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