mmm pie

Many many thanks to Sue (partner of Tony from Bournville Harriers) for this pie. She took the rhubarb from our allotment plot and made something extraordinary with it. A quite delicious apple and rhubarb pie. This is a before pic:
mmm pie

And this is the after pic:

mmm pie after

As I say, thanks Sue.

6 thoughts on “mmm pie

  1. Yes the pastry was spot on. Even my rhubarb hating wife loved this one. I haven’t told Sue about the fruit bushes at the back of the allotment yet – lord knows what she could rustle up with those.


  2. Wow, what a weird week! My pie’s on the internet!!
    So flattered that it features in colour on your brilliant blog.
    Pie praise much appreciated. Hope it’s a good year for your fruit bushes:)

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