Landshare is an exciting new project with some 4iP funding behind it. Or at least I think it has 4iP funding. It certainly is 4iP in feel as explained by Adam Gee on the 4ip website.

But anyway – I think it’s a cracking idea. It connects people who want to grow stuff with people who have land to grow it on. You can also be a ‘landspotter’ – someone who knows where there is unproductive land laying fallow that could be utilised for growing food. That’s a bit like the thinking around Feastside – an idea I’d love to see kick off again (and would try to actually get to the meetings this time). Or you can be a ‘facilitator’ – someone who just wants to muck in.

I think it’s more aimed at bigger land owners rather than someone like me, an allotment holder with a plot just a bit too big for family feeding needs. I’ve registered anyway, along with 200 other ‘landowners’ from the West Midlands, so when the site launches in spring we’ll see what happens.

Actually, we could just circumvent all that and you’re more than welcome to a patch of my allotment right now. There’s a slight catch in that the back half of it is almost completely covered in brambles. But if you fancy helping me clear it then you’re welcome to a bit of it to grow some spuds or whatever. We’ll call it Daveshare.

No really, help me clear it and I’ll introduce you to the wonder of grow-your-own. It’s in Bournville, on the number 11 route. 

Really overgrown bit at the back of this photo. It’s much worse than the pic suggests but not insurmountable. I’ve cleared about a quarter of it already.

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  1. Hallo Dave

    Thought it might be helpful to clarify a couple of points above. Landshare is being commissioned by me out of Channel 4’s Cross-platform dept. but the point I was making on the 4iP website is that it is very 4iP in feel and in a parallel universe where the River Cottage TV series (from which Landshare springs) does not exist, it would be just the kind of thing 4iP would be up for.

    Landshare, like Daveshare, is designed to cater for small land-owners, even allotment shares and garden shares (back and front) – as well as bigger landowners, so the full spectrum.

    Finally, Facilitators aka Helpers are volunteers for helping people who find computer-based interactions tricky, are not comfortable having initial face-to-face meetings without extra support, etc.

    All the best with Daveshare!

  2. Thanks for the clarification Adam. Actually, ‘Daveshare’ has had zero takers so far so will look forward to taking up any interest that comes through Landshare.

  3. Hello, I was wondering where abouts the allotment is, I live on Mary Vale road


  4. Thank you for adding a comment on our site and I did reply to you so what I’m going to say here will be repetition.

    The consensus with some of the allotmenteers at Court Lane so far is positive about Landshare but unsure about the best way to implement it. I think this is where perhaps all Birmingham allotmenteers who want to get involved need to ask BCC how they are a going support people who want to take part.

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  5. Just seen this Dave, is the space still up for grabs. May be up for a look, I’m in the city centre, wanting a garden to plant for food – so landshare is definitely a cool idea.

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