July Harvest and Jamie Oliver’s runner bean stew thingy


Just a quick post to show you that the plot is now giving up some of its goodies. The overgrown back of the plot has plenty of lovely sweet red currants and raspberries whilst the last of the new potatoes are out of the ground. The longer they stayed in there the larger they swelled compared to the first lot we dug up six weeks ago but they are also more prone to little maggots drilling holes in them. We had to chuck a few of these but will have enough for a few meals. The runner beans are coming on in their droves, not my favourite veg in the past but picked young they are delicious. 

The pic below is a quick camera phone grab (not the best tool for food photography – colours are yuck) of tonight’s runner bean based dinner. It’s from the last Jamie Oliver book. He does it with fish but we made do with chicken. Tasted great though – the sauce has anchovies in it. Note the parsley which never grew very well for us in a pot out the back but is doing very well down the plot.

Below, how it’s supposed to look when made with beans that look like they were picked very young and a more expensive photographer not using a camera phone:

One thought on “July Harvest and Jamie Oliver’s runner bean stew thingy

  1. Your runner beans seem to be cut very thickly; you might enjoy them more if you cut them very thinly (almost, but not quite, lengthwise), like in the second pic – they’re not so tough, that way. I cheat, and use a large pair of scissors.

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