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This was going to be quietly shuffled off to my delicious links but I thought it worth a few extra words.

The North West has a Top 100 people in the Media in the North West list. It comes out of a site that was new to me called How-do (sub-headed: News, opinion and resources for the North West media industry). In terms of keeping up with who’s who and what’s happening in the media in that part of the country How-do is actually a very useful site. Makes the place seem vibrant and busy and connected (which of course is probably how it is).

So I’m really just wondering what we’d get out of a Top 100 people in the Media in the West Midlands list. The media has seven entrants in the Birmingham Post’s Power 50 but maybe it’s time we deemed it mature enough to get a list of its own. 

Oh and before we begin; this is the meedja I’m talking about: TV, radio, the press and publishing, film and production, new media, PR and advertising. NOT the arts. They can sod off and do their own top 100. Any suggestions? Bob Warman at number 47 anyone? And no jokes about there not being a 100 to choose from.

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  2. Before any hares got set running I’d want to be convinced on who really benefits from such things – I can see the use in gathering up a ‘little black book’ for who’s-who in the region but as for the ubiquitous ‘ranking’ mechanism personally I find such things something of a distraction – maybe it’s cuz I haven’t appeared in any…!

  3. I suppose a ranking list gives a sense of where the power lies. If you’re a newcomer to the region or a graduate looking to build a career in the region then it helps that you have a sense of who the key companies are and who the most influential people are.

    It can be more than that though – I think the North West list is a flexing of muscles, nothing more. It simply says: “look at the size of our sector – big isn’t it”. I’m really asking the question – do we need to do that here? Would it counter our tendency to be self-effacing? You’ve got to admit though it might be fun. Iggle-Piggle at number 24?

  4. I disagree Antonio – it’s the opposite. In a downturn we need to be thinking about how we attract companies who may move out of the capital and decide instead to locate to Birmingham (to snap up that 4IP funding perhaps) or Manchester (to cosy up to the relocated bits of the BBC).

    As uncool as a who’s who list feels it signals that you have heavyweights and people worth being close to. How else would a company get a single snapshot of who’s here? A network like Who Needs The Sea is great but you won’t find the Oliver Brothers or Ann Wood on there. Isn’t time to make visible the richness of our media scene? Behind any potential sneering lies the opportunity to make the region more attractive to incoming companies.

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  6. Prefer events like Creative City Awards which recognise talent and achievement. Top 100s too much like a pecking order – I don’t think that’s what our creative community is really about.

  7. Just to labour it a bit more: a top 100 isn’t a device to recognise talent and acheivement. It’s more about influence and power. Who are the top 100 media people you need to know in the West Midlands? Is that not worth asking?

  8. A ‘Top 100’ is too often open to criticism and debate, and too much focus is put onto the order of those involved, thereby distracting from the usefulness of the information available.

    However, surely any attempt at broadening the media circle in the West Midlands with the intention of introducing more networking and more opportunity for collaboration and partnerships has to be a good idea?

    And yes, we do need a way to show the rest of the country just what the West Midlands can deliver in this area, we need to shout loudly about the collective achievements of everyone in the region.

    It might be that Who Needs The Sea? can do some of this.. or maybe we need something more… but i think the reasoning is good.

  9. Good idea if you ask me. If it was done alphabeticaaly there would be no arguments over who was top and who was overlooked… but it might stimulate some debate on which sectors are more influential than others. And as a reporter, who is constantly competing with social reporters, it would be interesting to see how many ‘old fashioned’ journalists would feature in the top 100. Give it five years and maybe print journalists would be struggling to feature at all?

    And in a year that James Bond is scoffing at Birmingham being used as a film set for his next film, maybe a Media Power 100 would open a few eyes outside of the city.

  10. A note to John. Sarcasm aside, the bloke had had 300,000 hits on Youtube. There’s a raging debate over weather this guy is a legend or the world’s worst journalist. I for one would be interested in seeing how an independant publisher would view his influence in a Media top 100 for the region.

  11. On reflection as a piece of “jounalism” it may be more useful – so the Post’s top 100, or screen WM’s top 100, or from the perspective of Digital Brum etc.
    as voted by the community – still no oliver brothers in that list.

    and if it was by a journo how would they rate them – £’s brought in, £’s delivered, awards, influence.

    sounds like a project, research a bit, create a beta, open for discussion.

  12. Totally agree with you about How-do, a great website and invaluable guide to Northwest media. Their list though is dull and predictable at the top and runs out of steam after the top twenty. If you really want a list of managing directors of small (but succesful!) design companies, a few media personalities and regional heads of national companies for the West Midlands I’m sure you could put it together yourself in a spare hour.

  13. @Billy – don’t tempt me. @toby I seem to recall some research about mapping london’s creative networks to identify the key influencers or ‘nodes’ through which networks build – will see if I can find it. Developing the right criteria on which to base a list would be a challenge in itself I reckon.

  14. I thought he was an interesting person. someone who would just fly out to Florida to join in the Obama campaign, probably got Birmingham more publicity in the USA than it has ever had – and seemingly owned up to some plagiarism which is a big issue in on line media. Altogether a media bombshell. So somewhere in the top 10 if worldwide impact is the measure ?

  15. Hi Dave,

    Hadn’t spotted this so sorry about coming in late on the conversation! I guess I had a similar idea. Basically lots of people telling me ‘I’m really interested in Twitter, but don’t know how to get started’, so I put up a list of people to connect to to get yourself going. Not quite along the same lines as what you’re suggesting here, but I’ve already had some people say that it’s made Twitter make sense to them! I think more ways we can get people to connect with the stuff we’re into the better.

    What other networks are hard to get into for the newbie? What can we do to make that easier?


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