Links for September 26th through October 7th

Some links for you:

  • Screen WM | Hello Digital – A Challenge – Jason Hall on who to take to the Hello Digital event: "How about if every single person who is digitally engaged makes a commitment to register and bring along a client, a small business owner, cultural organisation etc that isn’t? It could be someone who runs your local sandwich bar or newsagents, or an uncle who owns a firm that manufactures widgets, (of the non-digital variety)"
  • eGov monitor – Q&A with Glyn Evans, CIO Birmingham City Council – It's the answer to question 4 that's the interesting one. Refers to #BCCDIY
  • Best Believe – "Endorsing independent arts, culture and creativity in the city of Birmingham" – not noticed this one before. Nice healthy cynicism. On Birmingham's Style in the City if offers this view: "looks like a right pile of crap"