Links for September 1st

Some links for you:

  • NTI Birmingham : Gamer Camp – "Gamer Camp offers would-be game makers in the West Midlands the chance to learn how to develop and produce games for Apple's phenomenally popular iPhone/iPod Touch, as part of a four-week training course taking place at NTI Birmingham and Birmingham School of Visual Communication."
  • Young Brits are proving digital dunces | Opinion/Comment | Screen – Hat-tip to Roger Shannon for spotting this one: "UK undergraduates aspiring to film industry jobs lag dramatically behind their international peers in their understanding of the online world and of technology in general. About half our interns come to us from US universities, and the contrast is startling"
  • David Byrne Journal: 08.25.09: The Kindle Experience – David Byrne gets an Amazon Kindle and makes some comparisons to shifting business models in the music industry.
  • Feasibility Studies for Digital Britain (PDF link) – "To stimulate innovation in business models, applications, services and technologies in
    support of the Government’s vision of a Digital Britain, the Technology Strategy Board is allocating up to £2m for feasibility studies. These will enable the timely exploration of ideas and visions for the future of a Digital Britain, to inform further investments in innovation. Each study will last up to three months and cost no more than £33,000 in total, and we will fund up to 75% of the project cost (up to around £25,000)"