Links for September 15th through September 24th

Some links for you:

2 thoughts on “Links for September 15th through September 24th

  1. I went to the F2 intro day the other week. It’s not funding as much as it’s free training on how to develop ideas and present them for funding. At the end of the course the idea is to get a bunch of funders together and pitch them stuff for real, so there is a ‘route into industry’ as is important with these sorts of things.

    Anyway, it was interesting enough that I’ve signed up for it.

  2. Of course yes – I was being a bit thick and hasty there. It’s delivered by the people at Coventry Uni’s Institute of Creative Enterprise isn’t it. Not dissimilar to what NESTA does on its Insight Out programme (for the wider Creative Industries). That runs annually at Birmingham City University and usually concludes with a pitching session.

    Look forward to hearing about your progress on it.

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