Links for October 28th through November 2nd

Some links for you:

  • 4iP | School for Startups and 4iP-y ideas – "In your market segment, what do the customers have in common and is this group of customers growing? Where’s the proof that it’s growing? What other segments adjoin this group. What unique capabilities would make this appropriate for another, adjoining segment? All of these questions help come up with ideas for the web, mobile or in social gaming which will not end up one-hit-wonders, but which will find growth well into the future without the need for much more support from 4iP."
  • More than just watching TV | BBC Internet Blog – "Watching TV is more than just watching TV – how you need to understand people to create successful technology". Nice diagram with this one – go check it out.
  • 4iP | What is 4iP not? – Just in case you needed reminding…..
  • Matthew Postgate appointed as Controller of BBC R&I « TEST – Matt Locke, himself former BBC, suggests "five things that would be inspiring, intriguing, or even controversial" for the BBC's new head of research and innovation at BBC Future Media and Technology.
  • BBC NEWS | Health | Saving lives in a virtual world – Example of how Second Life can be used as a learning tool.

One thought on “Links for October 28th through November 2nd

  1. the BBC research into user behaviour is really helpful – thanks for that link. My students need to getter a better grasp of consumer needs and behaviour – this will make a good case study.

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