Links for October 20th through October 22nd

Some links for you:

  • What's the nuts and bolts of 4iP? – 38minutes – This is where the real chat about 4ip is happening, not on the 'official' 4ip site but on a social networking site for Northern Irish and Scottish creatives. Comments on this particular post from top C4 people. Where's the West Midlands chatter taking place?
  • Stanford Institute of Design | – A manifesto on how to create a design school – on a napkin. Hat tip ie design
  • 4IP fund opens for business | 72 dots – Blog – "I don’t think Channel 4 has the guts to follow it through. The organisation is under pressure — ad budgets are dramatically shrinking — and when it’s under pressure an organisation resorts to old habits. So expect to see pressure on the fund for big hits, for brand awareness, for reach among its target demographics."
  • Pew Internet: Networked families – "The internet and cell phones have become central components of modern family life. Among all household types, the traditional nuclear family has the highest rate of technology usage and ownership". American report that does an amful lot of stating the bleeding obvious….

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