Links for October 16th through October 18th

Some links for you:

  • NESTA Connect: Trusted Agents – "It's not who you know, it's who knows you…..the shift towards networked organisations represents a fundamentally shift in doing business." – interesting stuff.
  • Media Enterprise – Website for MA Media Enterprise students at Birmingham City University. It's had a bit of a re-skin and should be filling up soon with content from this year's student intake
  • Every City, Town, Village & Neighbourhood should have a Social Media Surgery « John Popham’s Random Musings – "The Birmingham surgeries have built a growing reputation, showing the effectiveness of the approach, in that a number of social media “experts” are prepared to give up their time to pass on their knowledge to people involved in voluntary and community organisations."
  • Can I have my iPhone back? | Tom Watson MP – Tom Watson MP has lost his phone and thinks we should all care about it. He’s taken inspiration from that cringe-worthy first chapter of Clay Shirky’s book. Surely it’s easier to just claim it back on insurance rather than start a witchhunt.
  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Moving towards Government 2.0 – "The government has long aspired to reach out to citizens in a more engaging way and in the Twittertastic world of Web 2.0 it seems such a goal should be pretty easy to achieve."