Links for November 3rd through November 5th

Some links for you:

  • 4 Ideas for Building Pirate Havens in #birmingham #bigdebate – Converjed – David Burden reflects on the Big Debate and contributes ideas on ways to attract the pirates.
  • The Big debate – The Big Myths – Birmingham Post – Business Blog – Me, writing over at the Birmingham Post about the Big Debate event in Birmingham on 2nd November.
  • David Byrne Journal: 10.24.09: Internet Antichrist – Epic post by David Byrne: "The end of privacy in parts of the world is near. It will be traumatic for some, and a comfort for others — for to relinquish one’s privacy is to become a part of the hive and the herd, and there is a certain reassurance there. How our corporate culture and its twin, the government, make use of this process and this massive change in society leads one to imagine something closer to a paranoid Phillip K. Dick scenario than a return to the nurturing tribe (or the Global Village) that it will be for some. I suspect it will be both — liberating and restrictive. Conflicting and opposite tendencies, operating simultaneously."