Links for November 2nd through November 12th

Some links for you:

  • Dave Harte: No help from the coalition – Business Columnists – Birmingham Post – Piece I wrote for the Birmingham Post this week on the government plans for a Silicon Valley in the East End.
  • elearnspace › Questions I’m no Longer Asking – “I strive to strike a reasonable balance between reading blogs, books, and peer-reviewed articles. Different topics flair up in popularity (such as web 2.0 and now social media) and then fade. A few concepts have longevity such as “how effective is technology enhanced learning when contrasted with traditional classrooms?”. Questions like this are boring. And unanswerable given the tremendous number of variables involved in teaching online and in classrooms.”
  • DCMS Blog: A short history of the One-Armed Bandit – Articulating the mechanics of gambling as having a “place in popular heritage” – associates it with the seaside yet ignores the realities of grim high street slot machine arcades. DCMS seem to blogging a lot lately about the new regulations on sites like, but the first time I’ve noticed it done this way when announcing policy or consultation work.