Links for November 29th through December 1st

Some links for you:

  • Periscope – Online Studio Management – As it says, studio management online. New from Creative City award winners IE design. 40 day free trial. I've seen it in action and it really is very impressive.
  • homecamp / FrontPage – Wiki for Home Camp "an unconference about using technology to monitor and automate the home for greener resource use and to save costs. This is about low energy devices and servers, reducing your electricity bills, monitoring your mouse traps, home automation, monitoring your water usage, using solar polar. This is a hack day."
  • Amplified 08 – connecting the dots in the social media maze « Digital Consultant: Creative + Digital Dialogues – "On the whole I found it probably a bit too ahead-of-the-curve for my own more commercially focused practice (yes, me is un-cool consultant) – and sometimes I wonder if it’s best to go to ‘what you know’ where you can contribute and learn more or to throw yourself into the least relevant and known subject to see what you can learn. I did a bit of both – maybe at the next one I’ll throw myself into the deep end and go to more of the blogging-will-change-the-world instead of is-home-taping-killing-music sessions I usually choose."

2 thoughts on “Links for November 29th through December 1st

  1. Thanks for the Periscope and award plug Dave! I’m getting very excited about the CurrentCost device you blogged about too. I’d buy one tomorrow but I’d worry about it draining my valuable pre Christmas time when I should be doing important jobs…

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