Links for November 29th through December 1st

Some links for you:

  • Facebook for Business: The Basics « Dream it, Do it, Love it! – "Whilst the area is relatively new, and Facebook is particularly prone to change, there are some basics that you should really get your head around now to prevent time-consuming re-work and potential damage to your brand. Get it right first time and it will be much easier to maintain." (via Dubber I think)
  • digitalresearchtools / FrontPage – "This wiki collects information about tools and resources that can help scholars (particularly in the humanities and social sciences) conduct research more efficiently or creatively." (via Jon Hickman)
  • NESTA – Creative clusters and innovation report – "This gap in our understanding is what NESTA set out to address in Creative Clusters and Innovation, the outcome of a two-year collaboration with Birmingham and Cardiff Universities. The study adopts the concept of creative clusters as a starting point to examine the role that creative industries play in local and regional innovation systems. Its publication accompanies an online platform we have developed for users to examine creative industry concentrations at a fine level of detail in their localities."

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  1. Thanks for the link Dave! A very happy new year to you – going to read the other 2 links now!


    (And thanks to my amazing cousin Dubber for the link to the link…)

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