Links for November 25th through November 26th

Some links for you:

  • Talk About Local (alpha) – Great list of tips – only just noticed them. Shame on me. Great work from the Talk About Local team.
  • Martha Lane Fox – Martha's Mission – digital inclusion – "I do not think it is acceptable that there is a community amongst the poorest people who are not enjoying the same access to information and the same access to savings as those who are more technically savvy." – Access to savings? She means they want more people to go shopping online, so they too can join the middle classes in killing off their local economies.
  • Take 12: Metrodome | Features | Screen – "As part of Screens year-long series tracking the progress of Nesta and the UKFCs Take 12 digital innovation programme, Sarah Cooper talks to Sara Frain (pictured) and Jezz Vernon of UK indepependent distributor Metrodome, about the challenges facing the distribution sector in the digital age." (via Roger Shannon)