Links for November 17th through November 20th

Some links for you:

  • World experts meet to boost creative industries – Top Creative Industries types meet to shape the world creative business conference which will take place at The Grove in Hertfordshire from 26 – 28 October 2009.
  • Midland Offstage Skills Consortium – New one on me: “MOSC is an employer led organisation, made up of representatives from arts organisations, suppliers, training providers and freelancers, in live theatre and music across 70% of the Midlands.”
  • Screen WM – Driving innovation and excellence in screen media : News – Justin Edgar’s film is starting to get some good press – and awards as indicated here. He once filmed an episode of Doctors (BBC soap) at my house. And that’s as close to the movie industry as I’m ever likely to get…..
  • National Creative Industries Conference 2008 – 11th december, Liverpool. “With a comprehensive programme of debate, workshops and keynote presentations, as well as guided visits to some of the North West’s leading creative sector developments, the National Creative Industries Conference 2008, ‘Creative Cities’ will seek to explore the concept of a ‘Creative City’ in the face of changing economic times, and will consider the impact of competing social, economic and infrastructural drivers on a City’s economy.” £295 plus VAT (£346.63)
  • New report projects regional job losses of 180,000 – how was that calculated? « Observations – Excellent post that identifies the methodology behind the headline figure of predicted job losses for the region. I love a bit of hardcore research methods.