Links for May 7th through May 10th

Some links for you:

  • Screen WM – Innovation, New Markets & Skills Strategy – Gives you the lowdown on exactly how many projects Screen WM intend to invest in for 2009/2010:
    – Invest in minimum 2-3 flagship 4iP project with national/international reach.
    – Invest in 10-20 small to medium sized projects with innovative business models and content.
    – Support development of minimum 15 projects with 4iP development funds, matched by Channel 4
    – Ensure supported delegates are acting as ambassadors for the region and sharing knowledge via ‘Postcard’ Events and blogs
  • AmbITion Roadshow with Arts Council England, West Midlands – Eventbrite – “We would like to invite you to a day of exploration, exposition, conversation and critical thinking around the digital opportunities for organisations encompassing artistic practice, organisational and audience development and business models in our digital age. This event is an opportunity to share lessons learned from the AmbITion Thrive! project which has been running in the North West region for the past two years and build upon the issues raised at our C:Cubed event in September 2008.”
  • Advertise on Created in Birmingham | Created in Birmingham – CiB’s original funding comes to an end. Is now seeking advertising to help sustain it.
  • Find it in Sandwell – Too much stuff requiring a log-in but: “We aim to boost the Black Country economy by giving local businesses the support and contacts they need to pitch for and win bigger contracts. Join finditinsandwell today and meet people who are interested in supplying to and buying from you.”
  • Charlie Beckett, POLIS Director » Blog Archive » Recasting The Net: A Polis and Channel 4/4iP National Debate – “Polis is partnering up with Channel 4/4iP on a series of national debates to be filmed for a special website on the state of the Internet and the future of online media. Do you want to join in? Here’s the thinking behind this attempt to reboot the conversation on what we want from a digital Britain.”
  • My Tiny Plot » Blog Archive » Your Garden from the Ground – Nice pics. A reminder to myself to try the same thing.