Links for May 27th through June 1st

Some links for you:

  • Birmingham Post – Twitter could transform the way businesses stay in touch – My column in this week's post. Pushing Twitter as a useful business tool
  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Broadband goes big in Japan – Fascinating story of Japan's fast fibre access
  • Towards a better flythrough | Pete Ashton – Pete takes the new fly-through video for the Midlands Arts centre and dubs some new music onto it to replace the awful (presumably) off-the-shelf copyright free stuff that was there. Fantastic – have a go yourself.
  • Golden Square Result! // News » Substrakt // Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding & Advertising – "Our part of the proposal was to implement digital media technology, providing visitor information facilities as an integral component of the scheme – connecting users of the square to the facilities and businesses within the Jewellery Quarter. This is a great opportunity for Substrakt to work closely with sister company Subcom to provide innovative touch screen display solutions."
  • thinkbroadband :: Is the creative industry holding back UK broadband? – "One saving grace for the media industry in the UK in relation to the file-sharing issue has been the adoption of usage limits for the majority of connections. Usage limits may offer one way out of the current catch-22, perhaps by offering an additional licence allowing consumption of music/video from any source where usage does not count towards the connections allowance."
  • DIGITAL MEDIA DAY: Mon 8th June, 11am – 5.30pm – "We’ve just confirmed that the digital festival will be kicking off with a day of media talks and debates. In addition to the big art house film debate: Birmingham a cinematic backwater? (see former blog post) we will explore how digital channels are changing the approach of media workers and the way in which we disseminate news and distribute power. Iwona Tempowski from the Advantage Proof of Concept Fund will also be present to prove that funding opportunities are still very much alive for the digital sector, infact digital firms are particularly invited to apply for the next round of funding."
  • Birmingham Post – Blogs & Comment – Post Comment – Why the people should show their intelligence – "The Intelligent Transport project has massive potential. But what’s even more massive is the potential of the people of Birmingham, and the world, if they are only allowed to get their hands on data that should rightfully be theirs anyway."
  • BBC – About the BBC – Made in the UK – "A series of essays on the BBC's plans to grow television production from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and English Regions" – one of which is by Maverick TV's Jonnie Turpie about digital media in the West Midlands. Quite a few about Salford/Manchester.
  • Information and how to make it useful – "The Power of Information Task Force flagged up that one of the main problems with UK government information is finding out what we have published, what form it is in, and how it can be used; we are looking at how we might do this."
  • Rewired State Wiki – APIs – "This is a list of data sources we've found that will hopefully be useful. Some are apis, but many require screen-scraping or downloading."