Links for May 11th through May 13th

Some links for you:

  • Unemployment in the West Midlands climbs again to almost a quarter of a million « Observations – "Most worryingly, the rate of the increase in unemployment in the region is double that of England. In the last quarter, unemployment in England rose by 0.8%, whereas in the West Midlands it rose by 1.6%."
  • REd REx – The West Midlands' network for Digital Media, Film Education & Exhibition – "REd REx is the West Midlands' network for Media and Film Education and Exhibition (Regional Education and Regional Exhibition)." New ning.
  • Report from the Independent Spectrum Broker: findings and policy proposals – "In February, the Government appointed an Independent Spectrum Broker to determine whether a series of market led spectrum trades between operators could be achieved to facilitate this objective. The Independent Spectrum Broker has concluded his discussions with industry, the regulator and government."
  • Plans for more than 5,000 new jobs in culture, music and creative industries – "Government plans to create between five and ten thousand new jobs for young people in the culture and creative industries sectors were set out today by Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell and Culture Secretary Andy Burnham."
  • — tweet5k – My worlds of running and social media mesh together – it was only a matter of time….
  • 4iP | Recasting the Net event – "Our second event in the autumn in Birmingham will look at the implications of digital media on politics in the widest sense. Is it enough for politicians to use new digital tools to carry out their existing work? Surely online political communications should be about a conversation not control? People can use the Net to participate in the political process in new ways, but what are the implications of all of these voices making themselves heard? How can the Internet promote transparency, accountability and trust in itself and in political discourse? In the end, does the Internet tend towards extremism or a plural political discourse?"