Links for March 25th through March 27th

Some links for you:

  • Vision Lozells – Welcome to the Vision Lozells website – 3d virtual Lozells! Not tried it yet (PC laptop wouldn’t run it). From the site: “a bespoke 3D virtual environment which allows you to view the proposals interactively in 3D. This software has a number of special innovation created for the Vision Lozells project” Will report on it when I get the chance to try it. Update: Jon Bounds tried the mac version but it didn’t work.
  • 4iP looks at faster commissions – Some interesting quotes in this piece: “4iP partners said they wanted C4 to strengthen the initiative’s branding and its promotion of their projects [….] Loosemore [4iP head] said he was being pitched too many local aggregation services that do not interest him.”
  • How networks of trust can unlock innovation – Collaboration – Articles – News, views and events – NESTA – Dr Karen Stephenson, a corporate anthropologist and an expert on social networks in business, explains: “Your informal networks might include the colleagues that you come into contact with on a daily basis, the ‘experts’ you turn to when you need advice on a subject and the people you engage with for learning purposes. The links between people in a network can be made up of knowledge, products and services – although knowledge is always involved to some extent. Trust is the glue that holds the network together.”