Links for March 20th through March 21st

Some links for you:

  • The future of gaming – The IET – 6th April 6pm Austin Court B1 2NP – "While once relegated to children's bedrooms, videogames now seem to be reaching everyone. Even at a time of great economic instability, games are growing faster than any other media industry, at the same time learning from all of them. David Hayward of games industry consultancy Pixel-Lab will talk about the history of games" (via D'Log)
  • Screen West Midlands announce first joint partnership with Channel 4 through 4iP – First of many I presume: "Screen West Midlands today announced an investment in partnership with Channel 4 in Yoosk (blog), a project based in Warwickshire. This is the first project to kick-start a wave of new investment in public service digital media through Channel 4’s 4iP initiative and Screen WM. Screen WM is pleased to announce that support for this project is the first to come through the agency’s new digital media project development process."