Links for March 20th through April 7th

Some links for you:

  • 4iP | 4iP’s New Briefs – "Over the next few months 4iP will publish calls for proposals across a range of themes. Each theme will be aligned with some of Channel 4’s key programming and audience strengths. We want to make sure we can give your fabulous digital ideas a biggest possible 4-powered push. Every call for proposals will come with a lovely, tasty, meaty brief, identifying the audience and market opportunities. Our first theme? Positive body image: we’re after ambitious ideas for websites, apps or games which help people understand how they feel about their body – a"
  • West Midlands for 2012 – Home – A site all about the West Midlands involvement in 2012 olympic games.
  • An assessment and practical guidance on Next Generation Access (NGA) risk in the UK: Final report – Communities and neighbourhoods – Communities and Local Government – "This study robustly identifies those areas that are likely to be left behind in the initial wave of market-led Next Generation Access networks in the UK under three separate scenarios. It goes on to set out mitigating strategies for those areas at risk."