Links for March 13th

Some links for you:

  • Skillset Blog » Blog Archive » CONCEPT – CONSTRUCT – CONNECT: a different way to look at the creative media industry – "Traditionally the creative media industry is split into different categories – Film, TV, Radio, Photo Imaging, Publishing, Computer Games, Advertising, etc. The boundaries and divisions of these seemingly stand-alone sectors are based output; the final format or product. They have historically had their own supply chains, their own workforce, and their own audiences. The merging of these sectors is often called “convergence”. But the true impact of the digital technology is much deeper and more profound than the meshing of content or platforms. The increasing ubiquity and shrinking cost of this technology is leading to a rapid merging of the processes, products and profits of these sectors."
  • Screen West Midlands and Film Birmingham help to secure major new BBC Drama to the region. – Survivors will now be filmed out of Birmingham. Top result! That's like a proper high-value drama thing coming to the region. As we lost Dalziel and Pascoe (now cancelled) this means the capacity won't be lost to the region. I wonder if that's it though – is there capacity in the region for more drama?