Links for June 2nd

Some links for you:

  • White Llama: A brief guide to Social Media in Stoke-on-Trent – "So, I was asked to write something to sum up Stoke-on-Trent's social media 'scene'. Tempted as I was to respond "Hey! Stoke is messy! Back off with your straightjackets and your simplification agendas!", I understand that a clean link makes life easier." Brilliant post. I'd actually quite like to see a post like this about Birmingham. A short reflection on where we are now.
  • Mudlark at Mobile Cell, Barcelona « Mudlark – One of the Mudlark team go to the Living Lab near Barcelona. Birmingham has Living Lab status as well with a community based energy project, DEHEMS, running at the moment (with Digital Birmingham as a partner). Be interested to see how we might scale something up to this level.
  • Introducing – Help Me Investigate – Stef Lewandowski gives a detailed run through on pulling together the new 4iP funded Help Me Investigate project.