Links for July 2nd through July 9th

Some links for you:

  • data set of parking tickets – WhatDoTheyKnow – FOI request results in three sets of spreadsheets for every ticket issued in Birmingham. There's flipping thousands of them! Fascinating and awaiting mashing up I think.
  • Discover Digital – "Birmingham City University is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of training and talent to the creative industry within the UK. Working with major industry players, small freelancers and an ever growing dynamic industry, our academic community provide support, innovation and stimulation through our array of highly talented students, latest equipment and research to review, tease out and develop digital opportunities."
  • Creative beacon – Wolverhampton Light House – Nice profile from Wolves Uni of Light House Media centre and Frank Challenger. Worth a read.
  • Living with rats: I'm sorry, Clay Shirky, nobody knows you around here – Summary of an event I presented at in Bradford. What a useful day it was – some useful insights from Julian Dobson on the increasing distance between the 'twitterati' and the rest of the professional middle class.
  • NESTA Connect: A Twitter Manifesto to Reboot Britain – "I was tweeting pretty hard all day so instead I've decided just to capture my favorite comments below as a mini manifesto that emerged from the day"
  • Making Life Playable through Data – "A presentation Toby Barnes gave at Ogilvy Games Lab on Mudlark's approach to making life playable." Stuff on role of data in supporting new game development.
  • ASH-10 » Coworking and Internet Culture – Great intro to concept of co-working.
  • Build your stuff with our stuff! – Lichfield District Council – "We're always looking for new ways of making it as easy as possible for developers and website owners to access data held by Lichfield District Council in ways that they want – allowing you to remix, mashup and share data easily. Here's a list of what we provide so far, this list is not exhaustive, and we'll be adding more and more datasets as time progresses"
  • Open source community for liberating gov data | DIYcity – "The City of SF has undertaken an experiment to develop an open source platform with the community that will help improve public access to raw government data in machine readable formats. We see a great opportunity to work with other cities and developers in creating technology that is re-usable, free and open source to solve a common challenge. As members of DIYcity, this might be of interest."