Links for July 22nd through July 24th

Some links for you:

  • Creative Beacons National Good Practice Guide – The only copy I can find of this is on Scribd, uploaded by the consultants who wrote it on behalf of Business Link. It mentions supplementary regional reports which I'd be intrigued to read. This makes some reference to BL West Mids activity.
  • Creative Launchpad – Creative Launchpad leave the Custard Factory – "After two years as creative industries specialist providers in the West Midlands, Creative Launchpad has decided not to continue with delivery of the Business Link start up service. "
  • Talk About Local grows… « Talk About Local (alpha) – In which some social media jobs get created. Well done to the individuals named, some exciting times to come I think.
  • Do It Yourself: Cultural and Creative Employment in Hard Times – "Research and analysis to inform Arts Council England’s thinking about the recession and its impact on employment in the arts and culture. In particular, the report’s authors were asked to look at opportunities for young self-employed creatives and the potential implications of the government’s Future Jobs Fund."
  • Creative industries: a guide to investing – Guide for Councils about how to invest in their Creative industries. Makes for very useful reading – answers the question how do you build a business case to invest in specific sectors?