Links for July 1st through July 7th

Some links for you:

  • Clay Shirky and the Cognitive Surplus – jon bounds – "What disappoints is that lack of discussion solutions to those problems, it might be that there aren’t any obvious ones but I’d love to see what Clay has to say on the matter — he says how early in his web career he made a mistake in assuming something about people’s behaviour (he didn’t see how people would want poor self-made Geocitites sites after seeing professionally designed sites), perhaps it’s a decision never to predict again."
  • Self-help and civic culture … – Google Books – Looks like a book for current civic minded web types to read.
  • Evernote shared notebook: jhsxswm – Jason Hall's (from Screen West Midlands) notes from a TSB (technology strategy board) event for their Metadata fuding competition.