Links for July 16th through July 21st

Some links for you:

  • Template Twitter strategy for Government Departments – "You might think a 20-page strategy a bit over the top for a tool like Twitter. After all, microblogging is a low-barrier to entry, low-risk and low-resource channel relative to other corporate communications overheads like a blog or printed newsletter. And the pioneers in corporate use of Twitter by central government (see No 10, CLG and FCO) all started as low-profile experiments and grew organically into what they are today. But, having held back my JFDI inclinations long enough to sit down and write a proper plan for BIS's corporate Twitter account, I was surprised by just how much there is to say – and quite how worth saying it is, especially now the platform is more mature and less forgiving of mistakes."
  • West Midlands Graduate Internships – "The West Midlands Graduate Internships have been created to help tackle the effect of the economic downturn on the region’s employers and graduates. By creating valuable work experience placements we are ensuring that we both retain talent in the region and support business into the upturn."
  • Technology for community empowerment: Digital Birmingham: A quick tour by a Capetonian – In which Birmingham gets a visit from a really great South African chap whose approach was refreshing and innovative and certainly got me thinking.