Links for January 28th through January 31st

Some links for you:

  • Times Higher Education – How not to write a PhD thesis – "Here are my ten tips for failing a PhD. If you want failure, this is your road map to getting there." – very good (via D'Log I think)
  • Capsule Blog » Engaging regional audiences – how do we do it? – "it seems across the creative industries there is quite a limited regional audience that engages with independent activity. So my question to you wonderful folks is why do you think this is? What are the barriers and how do we work towards resolving it?
    We’d be really happy to open this debate so – answers on a postcard."
  • Beatbloggers recruited for Guardian Local project | Help | – "Late last year, Guardian News & Media advertised three brand new 'beatblogger' positions as part of our experimental Guardian Local initiative. The Local project is a small-scale community approach to local newsgathering, and will focus on the three politically engaged cities of Edinburgh, Cardiff and Leeds."