Links for January 17th through January 22nd

Some links for you:

  • « Policy and Performance – Ingrid Koehler on local data: "there are some good reasons for opening up. There are efficiency gains – we can rationalise data middle-men and re-interpreters and stop paying for having data thrown back at us (except where it adds real value). We can eliminate much of the cost of FOI requests – we’ll just be able to point people to the URL. And we can get a much better picture of what local performance looks like, better than OnePlace, so we can use this data to better address the really tough issues in the LAA set. And if the data is used for really useful things, there will be all kinds of improvement and efficiency around helping people to manage their own neighbourhoods and care and access to services without expensive contacts and interventions. And that’s before we even look at issues of transparency and accountability."
  • Young people in Birmingham and West Midlands go for Creative & Media Diploma « Observations – "Recent data released by the Department for Children, Schools and Families shows that learner participation in the new 14–19 Diplomas in the West Midlands is focused on the Creative & Media course so far."
  • Colour-ful spring « More Canals than Venice – Very good. There should be more pen portraits like this. I'd also quite like to see this kind of thing in some of the more formal marketing that the City undertakes. I reckon those in charge of Birmingham's marketing budget have a very narrow view of business visitors. I suspect some of them would quite fancy a night in the Victoria listening to the kind of cool stuff these guys put on.

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  1. Many thanks for the kind words about Colour. What More Canals is doing is great and I look forward to seeing more profiles of Birmingham’s creatives.

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