Links for January 13th

Some links for you:

  • Sheffield Digital Campus – Home – I had no idea – Sheffield have built a big glass office block for their digital sector: "Sheffield Digital Campus has been designed specifically for companies in the digital sector. The site – centred in simply the best location in Sheffield – offers high quality office accommodation that enhances the creative process." Their 4IP person is to be housed there apparently.
  • Sheffield Digital Campus & T’ Super Steel Slide! | Tomasinho on Trends – Shaky video tour of Sheffield's Digital Campus. "Here is the station that will bring in the people". There's a great big steel slide inside the building. Looks fun but: "if [the] building ends up as a call centre in the next 5 years I will slice, dice, cook and eat my beloved fish pen. Because that would be well… uber.fa!l."
  • A glimpse of the future | Resource | – Worth your time reading this if you're looking to see how schools are innovating around social media: "There is a general consensus that ICT is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. Learning to use a particular technology is not the point; learning how that technology can take you to where you want to go is the goal."
  • Funding News from SYFAB – A blog that lists funding opportunities in South Yorkshire. This is exactly what we need in the West Midlands – dontcha think?
  • Joe Holyoak News Blog » Blog Archive » The Big City Plan – A response to the consultation document – Essential reading on Birmingham's Big City Plan: "in the desire to reinvent and reposition Birmingham in an international league table, it is necessary to understand and respect the history and the nature of the city. At a superficial (but still important) level, this means continuing to use historic place names, and not seeking to replace them by bland invented marketing terms such as “Eastside” and “Westside”."