Links for February 13th through February 18th

Some links for you:

  • Chromaroma – This is the blog for: "Chromaroma is an online multiplayer game played out as you travel the city with your Oyster Card. By using Oyster data we are able to show you your Tube travel, and every journey means you amass points, taking a few steps further along the way to owning London." Exciting! One to watch – these guys do great work.
  • The Stirrer – NEW BOSS DRIVES INTO CITY TV – Some local media news of interest: "The former manager of Formula 1 racing champion Jensen Button has emerged as a major player on the Birmingham media scene by taking a stake in the fledgling City TV project. Jersey-based millionaire John Byfield who runs the sports marketing and management group Essentially will be chairman of the new venture. Byfield – a solicitor by training – has been drafted in by City TV MD Alan Grindley, who said: The search has been on for several months to find the right person to head up Birmingham's new TV station – someone who will bring a wealth of national and international business experience and investment into Birmingham."
  • The Digital Villages Research Network – "The Digital Villages Network Research Project is a major study of the use of Information and Communication Technologies in rural and urban communities in the North East of England. Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, the project team is led by the East Cleveland Community Development Group and the University of Teesside. Team members include: Paul Davies, Prof Eileen Green, Carrie Singleton and Steve Thompson"