Links for August 12th through August 16th

Some links for you:

  • UpNext 3D NYC « Mudlark – New York in 3d – "UpNext 3D NYC is the first 3D city app we have seen on the iPhone."
  • Go forth and play! « Talk About Local (alpha) – Clare White on google tools
  • Your Boss Doesn’t Care About ‘The Conversation’ – Already spotted by Podnosh but noted here as one for me to read and digest: "For your company, your ‘X’ could be more traffic, it could be more links, it could be more traffic from the blog to your website, etc. But the odds are your boss understands ‘X’ a lot more than they do the importance of ‘the conversation’. If you want your boss to launch a blog, you need to show her how the blog will help her business. You need to understand what needs to happen AFTER ‘the conversation’ happens on your blog, and how that ultimately helps your business reach its larger business goals."
  • Capital Funding for social media…how to get it « Policy and Performance – New funding opening up for councils prepared to innovate around social media. Here's the background.
  • Understanding Birmingham – Must make time to look through this and see if I have any info to contribute. For the moment – duly noted.