Journal article – cluster bluster

Just to note that I’ve got an article in the current issue of Creative Industries Journal: ‘Issues in Developing an Audio-Visual Cluster in the West Midlands’. Here’s the abstract:

The uptake of clusters as a model with which to develop regional economies has been variable since the UK government first issued advice to regional development agencies in the late 1990s. The West Midlands made clusters one of its key strategies for economic growth and nominated the audio-visual sector as an embryonic cluster in order to help support its development. This article examines the development of this cluster from its inception and identifies issues in the way it was conceived and the roles played by the regional development agency, industry and higher education. The author draws on government and regional policies, cluster strategies and other internal documentation produced for the cluster, as well his own experience as an innovation manager for the cluster.

The full article is behind a paywall on Intellect’s website or you can pay £12 to get a copy posted to you. If you’re at a university and your library subscribes to it then there should be a copy there soon as well. The full list of articles in this issue looks quite interesting.

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  1. This looks extremely interesting Dave! Shame it’s all paywalled up – any chance of getting a web friendly exec summary maybe later on of it?

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