Giving up Twitter for Lent

I’m giving up twitter for Lent. Now don’t go thinking this is part of some complex social experiment to remind myself of how life used to be before twitter – it’s nothing of the sort. It’s Lent, I’m just crazy about Lent and would love to have you help me out with my twitter-fast.

Like a lot of Catholics, I’m lapsed, lapsed since circa 1984 in fact, having given up the altar boy stuff a few years before that. I’ve not given up anything for Lent since then but I always enjoyed the banter amongst family and friends about who was going to give up what. It was usually something like swearing (impossible), chocolate (near impossible) or cabbage (erm, easy). So after a 24 year break Lent is back in my life and this year I’m giving up twitter.

For every day I manage to stay away from twitter I’ll give a pound to the Digbeth-based youth homelessness charity, St. Basils. Given that Lent refers to the 40 days and nights Jesus spent messing about in the desert that’s £40 for a start. For those that would like to show their support for what I’m doing you too can donate to the #keepdaveofftwitter campaign. Obviously multiples of 40 work and I don’t care if you give 40 x 1p, 40 x 10p or whatever you choose. All welcome. I run a marathon later this year but I’ll probably forego raising funds for that and see how I get on with this instead. There’s a second part to this Lent-based fundraising – info to follow. Am outsourcing Lent – see here.

So here’s the rules for the twitter-fast:

  • Lent varies in length according to different beliefs but in my book it’s from the start of 25th February (Ash Wednesday) to the end of 11th April (Holy Saturday).
  • I can’t look at or use twhirl or any other app. My phone can’t access the net anyway so I won’t get updates there.
  • I can’t use an RSS feed of any sort to look at tweets.
  • I will be honest with you. If I lapse I’ll put £2 in for that day but I really don’t anticipate lapsing.
  • I reckon #keepdaveofftwitter is a useful hashtag for this. Not that I’ll be reading your tweets anyway.
  • Although not on twitter I do still exist (on email, dave[at] and on the phone and in person)
  • I may glance at Facebook as I have a couple of friends on there who never use any other medium but I’ve long since stopped posting updates directly on there, pushing them through twitter instead.
I’m not alone with this idea but the least I can do is turn my time in the social media wilderness into a positive for a local charity. Love to have your support.

10 thoughts on “Giving up Twitter for Lent

  1. Good luck with it Dave – Twitter is so much a part of my daily routine now I’d find it a really struggle to stay away!

    That said, I ignored Twitter, turned off IM, closed Skype and left Facebook alone for an entire day (gasp!) last week and do you know what? My productivity increased and I got more done.

    I know you’re giving up Twitter for entirely different reasons, but a day or so “off-line” here and there can be a good thing for everyone…

  2. Thanks for your support Richard. Actually, seeing whether I get more done is also behind this. Am sure I’ll just find other ways to distract myself but you never know….

  3. Good luck Dave, I’m sure I couldn’t do it.

    Make sue we don’t miss out on your wisdom (or whatever) – can you carry a notebook round and write down everything you would have tweeted? Then splurge it all out whevever Lent ends.

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  5. Hi Dave, was just noticing your absence (or is it abstinence?). Anyway, good luck with the Twitterfast.

  6. Dave,

    Impressed you’ve managed to keep of Twitter… only a few more weeks to go! Are you fingers itching?

    As part of my course, I’ve been asked to get a fellow eco-warrior into interview for our podcast sessions… Would this be something you’d be interested in? Would only be for 15 mins or so and thought as you’re already in Birmingham…

    Let me know, would be great to meet you in person!

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