Work’s pleasure / difficulty balance

I gave a talk at Moseley Exchange tonight (27 Nov 2012). It was billed as being about the Creative Industries but actually I had begun to prep something that was more about me. In the end I gave a lengthy talk (circa 70 mins) entitled ‘The Creative Economy and Me’.

It was partly an excuse to talk about the research I am working on at the moment that is dealing with ideas of ‘Creative Citizenship’ but I also wanted to talk about my own history and the ways in which my work-life had connected to aspects of creativity and the creative economy.

So to show this I created some graphs to show my work history as set against:

difficulty and pleasure:work life slide 3

+ creativity (points at which I had created stuff; usually photographs, short films or journalism):

work life slide 2

+ earnings:

work life slide 1

I thought this an interesting way to plot my work history.

I didn’t record the talk and am reluctant to post up the rest of the slides because I was quite chuffed with it and may re-deliver it to other audiences at some point.