Tour of Bournville Race 1

My number is already looking a little out of focus after race one of the 2008 Tour of Bournville. In fact I discovered its difficult-to-get-off green and black ink all over my hands and arms when I had a post-race shower. Seeing as we’re using the same number for all five races I’m going on the basis that it’ll be unreadable by Friday so this can act as a record of what number I am.
tour number
I’ll do a brief race report here although I apologise to non-Bournville Harriers types for whom the names I mention below will mean little. To the rest of us of course they represent the giants of the South Birmingham amateur running world – or something like that.

To cut a long story short race one was 10k approx (general consensus was that it was about 9.5k or less) around the paths, parks and playing field of Bournville. What a lovely route it was as well with plenty of variation to the terrain, hardly a car in sight and a nasty hill to finish on. A field of about 30 of us took part of all abilities in what were great conditions (for running that is, coolish, bit of drizzle). The full results will appear over on the main Bournville harriers site but I’m pleased to say I came in 2nd in 36min 49sec about 20 seconds behind Sean Rose and ahead of Andy and James, 3rd and 4th respectively. In the women’s race Sally edged out Marianne and I fully expect the two to be closely matched all week. The rest of the runners came in close behind and I swear, each and every one of them seemed to be putting on a sprint finish.

Tomorrow it’s 7 miles on a hilly course. I’ve already got a pretty big time gap to close if I’m to challenge the race leader but believe me, he’s in my sights….

Pics should appear are already appearing here and I’ll add I’ve added a couple to this blog as well.

More tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Tour of Bournville Race 1

  1. My number is in a similar condition to yours – wish I could say the same about my time ( 54:52 ish ) – roll on Tues eve.

  2. yes I would be in your sights…………….as your running behind me!! :-))

    nah nah….nah nah….nah

  3. Just black penned my number back in and laminated the sheet hope this works

    Your in my sights as well be it 10 mins to make up.

  4. I’ve washed my number as the ink was getting all over my vest and my sponsors(Tupperwear) were not pleased.Once it’s dry I’ll go over it with an indellible marker,or mabe I’ll just scrawl the number on the front,Its not like they(Tuppencewear) are making it worth my while and I happen to know my kit came from CashConverters Fag burns and all.
    I’ll have to go now as my number is under the grill and it smells like its well
    ready,I hope this is of some help

    Ed Winhart-Ley aka I’m a very busy man you know

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