5 days, 5 races

Next week I go back into full on running mode after a few weeks of post-marathon laziness. Yes it’s the 2008 Tour of Bournville, organised by the club I run for, Bournville Harriers. The simple idea is to run a race every day from Monday to Friday with all the race times added together to find the winner.

tour of bournville t-shirt

The five-year-old interrupts a session on the Cbeebies website to model the 2008 tour t-shirt

At last year’s event I could only do four out of the five races but this year, despite not really being fully fit for it I plan to do all five. I also plan to blog about each one on the evening they happen so if this ain’t your thing then switch off now. Here’s this year’s race schedule in full:

  • Monday: 10k Multi-terrain around Bournville
  • Tuesday: 7 mile hill race starting near here
  • Wednesday: 5 miles along the canal from Kings Norton to Selly Oak (and back I think)
  • Thursday: 4 miles cross country at Manor Farm Park
  • Friday: 5k race around Bournville.

Phew! More next week as the races get underway….