10 things I learnt on Tour

Here are ten things I learnt during this week’s Tour of Bournville:

  1. Using the same number every night is better in theory than in practice although it does allow for some interesting improvisation.
  2. Sean Rose is faster than me. Actually I already knew this. We all knew this. The best I could have hoped for was some astonishing loss of form from him but it wasn’t to be. Despite the occasional claim of sore calf muscles I knew he was playing with me. He beat me by 1min 53secs overall.
  3. Birmingham is a lovely place. During my marathon training I used to run down the Bristol Road to Longbridge and then up through West Heath amongst other grim urban routes. More fool me as South Birmingham is full of parks and quiet lanes if this week is anything to go by. 
  4. I look ridiculous when I’m running. In every single shot I’ve got my thumbs up. What is with that? Next time you see me please break both my thumbs. 
  5. Doing all five races allows you to eat crap all day. One of the most frequent things I get asked about my running is: “do you have a special diet.” Yes, I have a special diet comprising fry-ups and chocolate. This week I have averaged two breakfasts, several large lunches and quite a bit of mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Yum.
  6. The club has some good photographers. I’m unsure if this one below is a Paul Foot, Mark Lynock or Mike Scotney pic but it’s my favourite of the bunch – shows us all working hard. Those thumbs though – I really need to do something about them.
  7. Race 5

  8. The tour is good for socialising. I’ve chatted to more club members this week than ever. Partly because of the blog but I’ve had good chats with lots of people about all kinds of stuff. I even managed to get rid of some of my allotment rhubarb to Tony A’s other half. Apparently I’m to get a rhubarb pie as payment. More yum!
  9. Blogging rocks!. More of you should do it. It’s really very easy to set up. One of the good things about it is that people can comment on what you write. I haven’t had many comments this week but just having a few people say “good run” or something similar is really quite heartening. Our club website operates a bit like a blog anyway but having your own space to write your thoughts allows you to connect different aspects of your life and interests together and to connect to others who share those interests. Blogging about running also increases traffic to your website. My stats show a three-fold increase in readers of this blog since the link from the club website was made. Yes, that’s up from 3 visitors a day to 9 – wow!
  10. Some male members of this club are way more popular with the ladies than I am. I got a polite round of applause when I went up to receive my hat and bottle of wine but at least one of our male colleagues was rewarded with a chorus of female yelps and wolf whistles when he went up. What’s his secret?…
  11. Finally, something I already knew: we’ve got a great running club at Bournville of which I’m proud to be a member. Well done to everyone who took part in the tour and thanks once again to the organisers. Now it’s back to the grindstone of training – the cross-country season will be here before you know it.
Thanks to all those Bournville Harriers members who are new to this blog. Please keep reading as I do write about my running from time to time. Now in order to demonstrate the power of blogging you all need to write something in the comments about how this week’s Tour was for you…

6 thoughts on “10 things I learnt on Tour

  1. Dave, thanks for providing such an excellent series of posts over the week – I have really enjoyed them. You’ve done a great job summing up the spirit of the event and saved me from having to write much on the BvH website!

  2. Dave – Congrats on your second place and an all-round entertaining blog.

    I’ll bring you a rhubarb based delicacy on Mon night.

    I was disappointed that I couldn’t make the last run due to being stuck down in Kent – It looked a great way to finish the week. Was glad for a rest day as I’ve got Aldridge 10k tomorrow ( Sun ).

    ……don’t forget the BRAC 5k series starts this Thurs from Rowheath Pavillion ( 1 of 3 monthly races )………….and then there’s the Rubery Crumble on Sun 15th ( a great race )…….

  3. Dave I have really enjoyed reading your blog this week – looked forward to the next instalment each day – highly entertaining and amusing.

    Would have loved to have joined in but am saving myself for Aldridge on Sunday – plus who would have served up the BBQ 🙂

  4. Hi Dave, I am new to the club and have also really enjoyed running this week. It was great training (hard work!) and a fab way to meet everyone else. I think Sue and Jo and all the marshalls etc. did an amazing job. Reading your blog after each race was brilliant as well, thanks! And seeing all the pics was cool too!

    Well done on your running, it’s ‘thumbs up’ all round!!!

    Laura 🙂

  5. Dave – fantastic blog. Events like this really do galvanise the club. Taking photos all week and watching the races (rather than running in them) really did bring home the sense of comeraderie (and the spirit of competition!) that exists and as for the thumbs … I thought it was just playing to the camera!

  6. Well Done on the blog Dave, I’m impressed with your journalism skills and the top 10 of the tour summed things up perfectly. David Letterman would be proud!
    I agree with you about the social aspect of the tour, I’ve also talked to more people at the club over the last week. Unfortunately all I saw of you during the races was your back. It gives me a target to aim for as I’ll try and close the gap, starting with the 5k series next week.

    I just want to second the appreciation that goes to Sue and the organisers for giving up their time and doing a brilliant job. I think the Tour of Bournville is a great event and hopefully next year I can make all 5 races.

    James Taylor

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