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Today (Friday 2nd July 2010) was a great day to be out and about in Birmingham, a quite wonderful creative and vibrant city in case you weren’t aware. Here’s who I met today and who I talked to.

Every morning I face a critical decision. After dropping my son off at his nursery I can either turn right onto the Bristol Road and drive to work in Perry Barr or I go left, park in the station and catch the train. Invariably I go left because I like trains, even rush hour ones, and I have a train pass. Going right means facing traffic usually but actually would get me to work quicker (I have to change trains in Birmingham).

I had a meeting in Birmingham Science Park today so not having the car today meant I had to walk across the city to get from there to where I wanted to end the day, in Birmingham’s best coffee shop, Urban Coffee Co., making use of their wifi and catching up on some tennis. Here’s a list of the great people I talked to today:

At Birmingham Science Park:

  • Met with the good folk at Digital Birmingham about forthcoming events and bored Simon Whitehouse with my masterful mail merge knowledge
  • Loitered in the cafe (free wifi!) and had tutorials (via skype and via phone) with Leland and Simona. Couple of interesting MA projects to come from them.
  • Bumped into Dan. He’s building a business around a great service called civico. He does about a million other things as well.
  • Popped in to see Daden who do a lot of really interesting stuff in virtual worlds.
  • Met two guys from AWM. Both cheerier than you might imagine.
Near Aston Uni:
  • Met with Raj from Digital Birmingham lots to download in a short amount of time. Someone passes and says ‘Hi Dave’ – I haven’t a clue who it is and then feel ashamed when Raj reminds me and I should have known her.
At Old Square
  • I tweet Lee Kemp to say sorry I forgot to chat to him at a conference the other week and thanks for a followfriday.
Near the Cathedral
  • Blimey, if it isn’t Lee Kemp, in person, who needs directions to somewhere. Later, he tweets a really nice thank you for introducing him to someone at said conference where I forgot to chat to him.
Church St.
  • It’s Paul Hadley. A student of mine, a great guy. He’s wearing a suit.
Urban Coffee Co.
Not on the map: I had a nice bacon sarnie at work and had a good phone call with Roy Peters in the morning.

Overall, a great day meeting and bumping into great people in a great City.

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